March 13th 2017

Edward Abell

It is with deep sadness that we announce the sad death of our President, Edward Abell.

Edward joined our society late in life and along with his wife Audrey soon became active and very popular members, being elected Chairman in the centennial year and President in 2010, a post he held until his passing.

Edward had not been well for some time but this did not stop him attending all Trumpet gatherings be they the match where he and Audrey ran the ever popular President's Tent where a warm welcome was extended to judges, competitors and friends, or the Winter skittles evenings where we competed against other societies.

Edward will be sadly missed not only by our Society but by farming friends and the YFC movement as well.

We extend our sympathy to Audrey, Richard and Heather and their respective families.

Edward's funeral will be held at Little Cowarne Church on Monday 13th. March at 2pm.

For photos of the recent ploughing match please check out the archives page

October 2016

Here are the results from our recent ploughing match

2. T. Richards
3. A. Jones
4. J. Lewis
Class 2 VINTAGE TRAILER 1. S. Taylor
2. R. Vaughne
3. P. Evans
4. J. Hodges
Class 3 NOVICE CLASS 1. R. Downes-Evans
2. R. Hill
3. J. Reese
4. J. Lodge
Class 4 CLASSIC 1. I. Wilson
2. N. Prosser
3. A. Taylor
4. G. Richards
Class 5 HIGH CUT 1. H. Holloway
2. D. Needham
3. D. Williams
Class 6 SEMI DIGGER 1. A. Davies
2. M. Holloway
3. J. Lander
Class 7 REVERSIBLE 1.  J. Walters
2. D. Green 
Class 8 FERGUSON 1. H. Enoch
2. J. Kitching
3. D. Bryant
Class 10 HORTICULTURAL  1. G. Allen
2. B. Cartier
3. D. Williams
4. R. Pratt
1. I. Wilson
2. S. Braithwaite
3. Mr Remnant
4. J. Lander
2. K. Williams
Class 13 GENERAL PURPOSE 1. R. Reade
2. M. Puxty
3. A. Elms


Description Award Name Awarded for Winner
Jug J.J. Morris Trophy Best in show - Photography (rotates round classes) Sue Stock
Rose bowl Vase Floral art Esther Simpson
Cup with handles Eversham Trophy Cut flowers Dot Pullen
Cup with handles Mrs D Watkins Trophy Cakes and pastries Veronica Richardson
Crystal flower bowl with grid in box Mrs M L Price Trophy Jams & chutneys Audrey Abell
Christen Garlick
Wine goblet Mrs W Phillips Wine Cup Wine Dot Pullen
Cup with pointed lid Gaynan Cup Senior handicraft Esther Simpson
Goblet Mrs D A Probert Cup Over 60s Veronica Richardson
Cup with antlers for handles Mrs M Sandford Cup Photography Sue Stock
Horse bronze Ann McAlpine Trophy Art Jenny Lloyd
Muffin Tin Mrs Downing Trophy Most points 5 sections Esther Simpson
Salver engraved Bennett-Williams Mrs Clapham Trophy Most points girl under 16 Alice Simcock
Small Cup T Blanchford Trophy Most points boy under 16 Charlie Canton-Smith
  money Most points boy/girl under 11 Monty Canton-Smith
  money Most points boy/girl under 8 Jack Dutton
  money Most points boy/girl under 5 Sam Dutton
  special prize Man in the kitchen no entries this year



January 2016

Results from the West of England Fruit Show
Orchard Competition 2015

This competition is only held every two years

West of England Fruit Show

Orchard Competition 2015

Class 1 Bush Cider Orchards 5 - 10 years old




E.J.Jenkins & Son


H.Weston & Son

Black Bush, Abeydore

Frogend, Bishops Frome

The Bound, Much Marcle

Class 2 Bush Cider Orchard over 10 years




M.J. & B.C. Jones

C.J. Pudge

Mrs G. Thompson & Son

Homelands, Lugg Bridge

Frogend, Bishops Frome

Lyde Farm, Upper Lyde


E.J. Jenkins & Son Black Bush, Abbeydore

Winner receives the Apple Festival Perpetual Challenger Cup

October 13 2015

Here are the results from our recent ploughing match

Class 1 HYDRAULIC VINTAGE 1. John Lewis
2. Stuart Lamb
3. Glyn Morgan
4. Emlyn Jones
Class 2 VINTAGE TRAILER 1. Gary Haberfield
2. Derek Lloyd
3. Andrew Buckley
4. Simon Taylor
Class 3 NOVICE 1. John Dando
2. Don Chamberlain
3. Nigel Price
4. David Franklin
Class 4 CLASSIC 1. Jeremy Jacobs
2. Jon Cole
3. Paul Studley
4. Hugh Hoyle
Class 5 High Cut 1. R Iving
2. J. Paul
3. D. Williams
Class 6 Semi Digger 1. Michael Holloway
2. Jonathon Lander
3. F. Smith
Class 7 Reversible 1.  A. Richards
 2. H. Mason 
3. J Walters
Class 8 Ferguson 1. Keith Williams
2. Donald Mills
3. Huw Enoch
Class 10 Horticultural    1. A. Pomeroy
2. G. Allen
3. N. Allen
4. A Hett
Class 11 Best Maintained Tractor & Plough 1. Hugh Hoyle
2. Jeremy Jacobs
3. Gary Whitehouse
4. Donald Mills
Class 12 (Horses)   1. K. Williams
2. R. Smith
Class 13 (Horses)   1. M. Puxty
2. R. Reade
3. R. Dawkins

July 31st 2015

As many of you locally will have seen, Tony Cotton our past chairman, president and longest serving member sadly passed away suddenly last Monday in Brockhampton Nursing Home. His funeral will take place on Tuesday August 4th. at Yatton Church for 3pm. Members are requested to please wear Trumpet ties.

June 6th 2013

Sadly our long standing, much admired and recently retired secretary, Jean Eversham, passed away at 5pm tonight in St. Michael's Hospice, Herefordshire. Jean had been ill for some time and although she had great plans for a holiday in Scotland on her recovery, this sadly was not to be. Our condolences go to her son Peter who has been a tower of strength during her many months of illness. A feature on Jean appears elsewhere on this website.

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